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Good day Good day, what is up, Rajib? So, I’ve obtained an additional thing for you at present. And I’m now not intentionally making words rhyme, but hi there, why now not? So, what I’ve bought deliberate for you now could be something referred to as the video content marketing ecosystem. It is a methodology of repurposing content marketing and maximising your on-line presence through probably the most robust instruments that now we have at our fingertips. As I do know that that is whatever that quite a lot of a person’s battle with, making sure that their content marketing goes out and it’s regular, and their message is consistent, and all types of fun things like that.

So, I’ll do the ordinary factor and flip over onto my other screen, and show you what this video content marketing ecosystem is all about. Now, one of the most things I noticed, once I used to be planning on writing my first book, on my trade startup, that little orange one you will find right there, was once that I truly communicate turbo than I will be able to style. Normally about 2.5 times rapid. So, I converse at about a hundred phrases per minute, and I kind at about forty phrases per minute. And after I used to be seeking to write my book it was simply taking eternally, so I thought, how can I work round this? I knew that I desired to get the primary draught of my guide executed inside a month. I knew that for a just right measurement e-book, it needed to be about 30,000 phrases. There were 30 days in June, so I was like, ok, that makes sense, so probably one thousand words a day. I truly ended up growing three sections within the publication with 10 chapters every.

So there was 1000 phrases per chapter. And what I realised was once, that when I dictated or narrated the chapters of the publication, 10 minutes valued at of audio, once it had been transcribed, labored out to be roughly a thousand words. So, all I needed to do each day used to be to speak for 10 minutes, which I am lovely excellent at, and hello presto, on the finish of June, I had my first draught for my booklet, and also a nervous breakdown. However, I am simply going to give you somewhat bit of a perception into this, how one can clearly maximise, if you are producing property, like, Video First is without doubt some of the exceptional ways ahead.

And you’ll find that a variety of my stuff, there’s repeated messages, but you’ll be able to see that it is very constant in terms of the delivery, and that is how I do it. So, this is simply the most important time saver ever, and that you would be able to get different folks worried with the intention to support you to obtain it as good. So, there may be sincerely a quantity of exclusive steps. And what I will do within the put up is I’m going to additionally copy out all the steps as good, so that you’ve got bought it there. But this is sincerely my system for 10x-ing ordinary content marketing and publishing it and getting it available in the market. So clearly, step number one is to do anything like this. A video on fb, or a to reside. And from there, in the event you do do a fb live, that you could simply go and seize the video as soon as it is been uploaded. In case you’ve uploaded the HD variation of it, certainly out of your mobile telephone, that’s even higher. But you want to go and clutch preserve of the video file, and you would then upload it to both Vimeo or YouTube, in order that then, instantly, now you might have taken your Facebook live video, and now it is on Vimeo or YouTube.

So that’s the first piece of content repurposing. But the next step, surely it will get relatively cool. There may be two transcription services available in the market, well there is a quantity of distinctive transcription services. However there’s two that I use fairly generally. There may be rev.Com after which its sister corporation, temi.Com. So Temi is truely what we call a computer transcription service. So, it’s about 60, 70% correct, it’s okay, it can be very rapid, it can be k, but it surely’s not 100% correct. Rev.Com on the other hand, is a human transcription provider.

So, you add your files from YouTube or Vimeo, straight into Rev, and inside a number of hours, you get a transcription, a text file again from rev.Com. So Rev is human transcription carrier, it feels about a buck per minute of audio or video. So that you would be able to send audio documents up there as good, not simply video documents. So it is a couple of bucks a minute. Temi, however, is best 10 cents per minute, however like I mentioned, it is no longer terribly accurate, you’ll be able to have got to spend a variety of time enhancing. So it depends upon how much time you will have received to do this, and how lengthy the movies are, and things like that.

But rev.Com, i would constantly spend my money on Rev, because it is beautiful accurate. You get the text file back. That you could additionally down load the caption file from rev.Com, I think it’s a .SRT file, and you would add that into fb, against your video, so it is going to honestly exhibit captions, the subtitles on the bottom of the videos, which is beautiful cool. However, that you may take your transcription version and that you can open that up in word, and should you’ve got Grammarly mounted, which is an additional awesome app, that you would be able to then fix all the if there are any typos, error, if there are any UK English versus US English, and matters like that. So you could take that piece of content, and that you may then add it into your web publication. Which you could then, for your blog, embed the video which you uploaded into YouTube or Vimeo, and now you’ve gotten obtained a bit of rich media, wealthy content, which is even higher. And in addition, that content marketing, you can then repurpose to go onto LinkedIn, different areas in your internet site, Facebook posts, Google My trade, your Facebook trade page, your Instagram, you would add some snippets, like 60 2nd snippets of the video and add those to Instagram as studies, and create a mini series of reviews.

You can do all sorts of fun stuff. So sincerely you can take this one piece of content marketing and turn it into 20 other exceptional pieces of content, very quickly, and really very with no trouble. So, whoops. Where’s it long gone? There it is. No, there it is. You received an insight into a few different of my tools there. So, couple of little bonus pointers. So off you go, that you can go and transcribe your content marketing, and make shit plenty of one-of-a-kind posts, and things like that, and have quality enjoyable doing it, get plenty of likes and comments and shares, and hopefully a number of trade, and make the entire money. Get lots of dollars in your financial institution account, that is exactly what that is all about.

Or, as a little bonus tip, there’s a few cool matters you might do, you probably have a VA. That you can send this little picture, and once more, I will try to be able of upload it, I’ll add this as a comment against this submit. Ship this procedure to your VA, and get them to do all of these items without you ever having to get worried. In order that’ll prevent a tonne of time. Will cost you some money, however it can prevent a terrible lot of time. That you could also, there’s whatever referred to as the .VTT file, which that you could down load from rev.Com. So, if you’re using any E-finding out programmes like Udemy or something like that, or caption files for different platforms, you could have then obtained caption documents that you would be able to upload at any place else you adore. Going again to the of this, what you would do is use this methodology, so you might plan out a chapter record, and do 30 of these 10 minute lengthy Facebook Lives, and hiya presto subsequent factor, you have got yourself a book, which is lovely cool.

So that’s the video content ecosystem, hope you discovered that helpful. Happy to take any questions in the event you’ve received them. Like I stated, I’ll give you the option of sharing this little diagram, this float diagram into the comments somewhere so you will have received that. Which you could take it away, do something you like with it, knock yourself out. Producing content marketing like billy-o, or get your VA to support you to produce that content marketing. And as average, in the event you’ve bought any questions about this thing that I simply confirmed you, then please do shoot me a message, drop me an electronic mail, ship me a service pigeon, or do anything it’s that you want to do in order to seize my awareness. And I might be greater than pleased to support you to your experience of repurposing content and being everywhere.

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