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Facebook will get your brand in front of people so that you can share your own story and value proposition. For many businesses, there is a basic four-part Facebook Marketing Sales Funnel.

Basic Facebook Marketing Sales Funnel

1. Brand Awareness
This is where you post participating and shareable articles, like blog posts, videos, infographics, and funny memes, with the wish to set your brand in front of your viewers and earn a response to create them a fan. The information you provide does not have to be something your company created. It might be content which you saw and shared on your Facebook webpage’s timeline. The goal of brand consciousness with Facebook marketing is to obtain engagement in the form of Likes, Comments/Replies, and Shares about the content that was supplied on the business’s Facebook Page so an individual becomes a fan. When a user engages with your content, they are essentially giving Facebook consent to set your content inside their feed.

2. Lead Generation
This is where you turn a fan to a lead with a direct magnet. Since renting access to Facebook’s users through paid advertisements can get pricey, a favorite lead generation approach is using a lead magnet. A lead magnet is where you provide the user something of value at no cost in exchange for their email. By inducing the user to offer you their email, you are converting the enthusiast – which Facebook possesses and you let entry to– into an outcome that you own and no longer have to pay Facebook to gain access to in the future.

3. Immediate Sale
This is where you re-target fans with promotions to create a direct purchase using the Facebook platform. Considering that Facebook prefers to maintain the user on the Facebook system , they de-emphasize organic link posts that take the consumer to your website homepage or landing page, including pages designed to be direct magnets for lead generation. Needless to say, paid link articles will get through to a consumer’s news feed. Facebook will prioritize direct earnings over posts which include a URL to take the user off the Facebook platform,- like the call to action (CTA) button so customers can send you a message with Facebook Messenger/WhatApp or which will send users to your Facebook shop page.

4. Customer Support
This is where you offer customers who have bought from you in the past a reason to talk about their experience with their community by offering excellent customer support, answering inquiries, and providing upsell opportunities to move up them to your worth ladder.

One of the greatest mistakes I see is where the company ignores the Facebook marketing sales funnel and purchases a Facebook Cost-Per-Click (CPC) ad to send the user directly into a off-platform promotional/sales landing page trying to get a sale. The problem with this approach is fourfold.
According to a Episerver file, 92 percent of first-time traffic to a website abandon their online purchases since they are unlikely to exchange money for any advertising if the brand has not yet established a level of trust together.

The business does not own the lead at this point and has to pay Facebook each time it wants to get its content in front of a prospective user. If the CPC ad caused the user to go to a sales page, but the user wasn’t yet prepared to buy and leaves… you have dropped them, yet you still wind up paying for the higher-priced ad.

Facebook Marketing Sales Funnel in Action
A much better way to leverage the power of this Facebook marketing sales funnel would be to use the less expensive CPM ads to construct brand awareness first. Your goal with this first step is simply to get the user to engage with your advertisement – that might be a cute meme or alternative content to drive engagement- and therefore create the consumer a fan of your small business page.

By becoming a fan, they provide Facebook consent to place future organic content to appear on the user’s information feed. Remember- there are three degrees of Facebook participation Likes, Comments/Replies, and Shares.

For example, I generated an engagement ad with the aforementioned meme and targeted girls. My funding was a lifetime total of $10 spread over only 2 days. The ad reached a total of 1,532 individuals and produced 128 post suggestions, 4 article Comments and 29 post Shares. That is roughly 1 in every 10 people that saw the ad participated with it.

Once a individual likes one of the posts you can hover of the likes and encourage each person to enjoy your business page at no additional price.

When the user becomes a lover, you can re-target them with a CPM or CPC advertisement to send them into your lead magnet page where you can catch their email with a free offer to ensure prospective marketing will cost you nothing.

Alternatively, dependent on the level of involvement with your brand consciousness content (Shares have significantly more worth than Likes), you can simply place your natural lead magnet on your business page deadline and hope your fans will bite.

Most consumers are conditioned to want something of worth for nothing. Therefore, giving away something for free will result in a far higher conversation speed, and also assembles reciprocity and confidence in your own brand.

Once a user is a fan and they see your companies Facebook page, you are able to encourage the consumer to visit your FB store with a CTA button so you can create a direct sale, or enable them to message you using Facebook messenger to learn more about what you provide and drive them your value ladder.

How can you leverage the fundamental Facebook marketing sales funnel for your business?

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