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That's just one possible option at the writers' disposal. It was later known that Kol devised a trick for his sister and Rebekah's spirit was sent into the body of Eva Sinclair. For special occasions, she wears dresses and uses light make-up. However, pieces of Davina's soul remained, i.e. But for the time being, yes, Davina is actually dead — as in no longer in the land of the living. Davina beholds the Ancestral Element Fire. At the wedding she dances with Kol and witnesses Hope faint, which is a subtle sign of her quickening decline to the rest of the family. Both of her boyfriends were killed by a member of the. She sends him back to the attic while Elijah, Marcel, and Kol look on in horror, before leaving herself. After Davina was revealed to have resurrected Mikael and bound him her to her will using the. Davina thought that it would be selfish to take everyone else with her, so she accepted her fate and sacrificed her life to save everyone in New Orleans from destruction. Marcel keeps trying to call her and she excuses herself to take the call, arguing with Marcel about her possession of the stake and telling them that she's leaving the bar and to not try and find her, but Marcel and Elijah continue after her. She hands it over to him, frantically, but Kol tells her that he's not scared. She is hugged by Marcel shortly after. In Farewell to Storyville, Davina feels uncomfortable after her journey into death. Kol retaliates, however, Davina easily overpowers him. Josh then told her that when he was her age, he had already been in a hundred clubs, and admitted that things were much different now, since he became a vampire; he claimed now all he wanted to do was meet boys, feed on their blood, and earn a daylight ring so he would no longer have to only go out at night. Finn blocked her locator spell, so, Davina sets up a circle with ruins made of salt, in an attempt to try something different. In I Love You, Goodbye, Davina is seen with Josh in the attic, remarking on the fact that he still doesn't look alright. Last seen As she was the only one who obviously had, the elders agreed to make her the next Regent. Kol and Davina conceived Henriikka after moving to San Francisco following season four of The Originals and before season five.Davina's pregnancy with their daughter was a unexpected surprise, as it was assumed that Kol, due to being a vampire, would be able to conceive. “The Originals” delivered its own “Game of Thrones”-like twist when it killed off a major character unexpectedly before the end of the season. When Rebekah insisted that Marcel give her back her brother, Marcel took her to Davina's room and told her that she has not been very nice to him. She reactions to Klaus and Aiden's conversations, believing that Josh would be upset if he knew about their alliance and Aiden's double agent status, but Klaus dismisses Davina as he's not afraid of Josh. Davina is going to come face to face with Klaus. As the wolves attack him, Davina uses her powers to stop them, giving him time to escape. Using a candle that would allow her to speak to Kol as long as it was lit, Davina summoned Kol's spirit and he was happy to see her but disappointed to see she had joined the Sisters. Upon studying Esther's grimoires, her knowledge of magic seems to have greatly increased. Blue Kol tells her that she won't fool her and amuses her by joking. ... the last shot shows Kol purchasing a diamond engagement ring for Davina. An enraged Davina shouts that he is one of them and telekinetically throws him to the door, calling him a liar and then back to a wall. Davina's velvet dress on The Originals . Kol tells her that she should sleep, to which she counters that it is hard to sleep with a thousand-year-old psycho in the next bed. Since "officially" joining The Sisters Davina has seemingly been able to continue drawing on the coven's power to perform various spells and rituals. There she is found and trapped by Kara who wants to shred her soul to pieces. Davina does the spell. She later informs Klaus of this news and that with Hope's first upcoming full moon and being a host for the Hollow she wouldn't survive her first transformation. After he asks what she's going to do, Davina, angry that he underestimated her, informs him that even though he's disorientated the power of her bracelet, she cast a spell that would make sure she could always find Mikael. Later, when covering up Ariane's body, she appeared to Davina, announcing that the Sisters has the power to resurrect Kol, and if she does not abuse its power to her advantage, he would suffer a fate worse than death at the Ancestors' hands. As of now the odds seem significantly in her favor, thanks to a recent interview Originals showrunner Michael Narducci had with Entertainment Weekly, who all but confirmed that Davina's … After all, its central characters are all technically dead. Davina tried to contact Tim's ghost, but she found out that he moved on. Davina relents and the two enter the crypt, where he had placed many dark artificial objects a hundred years prior, making Davina wonder how he had collected them. Davina tells him that she isn't afraid of him and pulls out the White Oak Stake. A month later, Davina felt abandoned by Marcel but Josh also reassured her that Marcel still loves her. She assured him it was a means to an end but their reunion was interrupted by Aya. After being resurrected, she is scared and skittish, not talking much. She told him, "You need to think of something else. She returns inside to Kol, with the place being cleared out for a 'private party', but a number of wolves attack Davina. Episode Count Marcel later contacts her and she goes to meet him, reuniting with him. After he convincingly answers her, she states that she's past any second thoughts. She begged her mother for help but Ms. Clare did nothing to stop it, and turned a blind eye. Davina was unaware that Kaleb's body is under the possession of Kol until she touched him during a spell in Red Door. Then the others would just have to keep her body safe until they figure out how to place her back into it. Davina checks on Kol's wounds and asks him if he's alright. Josh replied that he couldn't think about music at the moment, because she has been giving him "a voodoo lobotomy." Davina kept busy with Josh and confirming that Marcel's missing Strix members were dead. Davina is a very beautiful and gorgeous young woman in her late teens. However, Kol reassures her and Davina, excited, agrees. Mary-Alice Claire † (Ancestor)Unknown FatherMs. Davina held control over Mikeal until his son. After she is resurrected she starts wearing trousers, jackets, and blouses with different colors and patterns. She is able to link herself to Marcel to save his life, but was weakened as a result. Celeb Style Under $100. Throughout Season Four Kol continues to mourn her loss and leaves New Orleans. However, before Josh could escape, Klaus attacks him and bites him in order to force Davina to assist him in the hunt for Marcel. Davina accompanies Marcel and Camille to a storage room where Father Kieran had stored many dark objects and other tools that he could use as weapons against the supernatural. Davina happily wonders on the street. Aya tells Davina to get in the limo; saying the need to have a discussion. She looks around, confused, but Josh calls her. In Phantomesque, Kol attempted to make a deal with the new harvest girls, Amy and Jessica, by offering them dark objects to make it worth their while. She needed to complete the harvest in order to spread the magic out. Later that night, Davina walks towards the center of the cemetery holding a torch in her right hand. She starts to cry. Friday’s episode of The Originals (The CW, 9/8c) kicks off the third and final leg of the Davina Claire Farewell Tour, where you can bet Marcel Gerard will be standing in the front row, bawli… Davina goes back to the attic and continues to work on her spell, and reminds Mikael that she owns him. Davina is the 7th main character in the TVD & TO universe to die after, Davina is the 2nd main character to be resurrected, the first was. Sponsored Links. Davina is using her magic to shield the candle when Celeste rejects Davina's pleas and causes her to start bleeding from her eyes. The spell fails, essentially informing her and Kol that there was no cure. Noting this, she tempted him by offering him her blood, which he refused to take on account of her being, in his words, a "child." The two engaged in a furious fist fight that culminated with Kol throwing Finn through a glass door and preparing to set him on fire. Marcel initially refusing to allow Davina's sacrifice, took her to an unknown location. Cause of death However, considering that we're dealing with a supernatural show, Narducci wants to assure fans that it won't necessarily signal Danielle Campbell's departure. Unlike the status of Regent, she may not have access to such powers and may currently resort to Traditional Magic a common form of magic used by many witches. She later converted the magic from the Enchanted Cuffs onto the bracelet and gave to Hope so that they could keep her from using magic and drawing attention to Dahlia. They pick it up and see that it has turned to a golden thread which he wraps around her wrist to replace the one he broke. She was able to cast a pain infliction spell, en masse on three werewolves, which is usually exhibited by more powerful witches. Furthermore, since she's moved on from New Orleans, it can be inferred that she is no longer connected or affiliated to the nine covens of New Orleans. Additionally, she received visions, a form of divination, of the witch's past actions, and in the case of Kol, his deception. Davina believes otherwise, insisting that she doesn't have time and if he has a better idea, he should tell her. In The Battle of New Orleans, Josh and Davina are sitting outside in the sun, with Mikael's ghost haunting Davina. The window shatters and Davina and Kol fall back before it can kill them, but Davina is knocked out in the process. (Thanks a lot, Ancestors!) As a Harvest Girl, all four Harvest Witches had the ability to connect and commune with the Ancestors directly. The witches later felt betrayed by Davina, and when she was finally sacrificed in the Harvest and her spirit went back into the earth with the rest of the deceased New Orleans witches who practiced ancestral magic, the Ancestors shunned her until she was resurrected. She informed Josh that it would be a painful process, but Josh agreed, knowing that the alternative would likely be his death. She enters the Rousseaus' with Marcel meets Cami. 2. After Davina deliberately pricked her finger with a hatpin and offered a dribble to Elijah, he could no longer resist, and drank the small drop of blood, which left him completely rejuvenated. Kol admitted that since he had returned, the rage and bloodlust had been difficult to keep under control, as he had never really cared about trying to the first time he was a vampire. While the Sisters attacked Hayley, Kol told Davina to use the candle and Kol's spirit to knock herself out and her connection with the Sisters would bring them down too. Davina appeared to be quite smitten with Kaleb, and readily agreed to meet with him for coffee. He tells her that he was her age when he started being taught by his father and that he would have rather torn every muscle rather than let him see him strain. In A Spirit Here That Won't Be Broken Kol unlinks her from the Hollow and the two leave New Orleans to begin a life together. Klaus' requests that she make their weapon and Mikael gives his 'little witch' the ingredients and a knife to bind them to. The Originals has never shied away from death. However, Davina had tied Mikael to one of the objects that she had used to resurrect him and revealed that he was now enslaved to her. In Save My Soul, Davina has been searching for a way to bring Kol back to life by studying his spell books. In The Map of Moments, they shared their first kiss. who and what spell was being performed, though if a more powerful spell was being cast, it would mask other spells, and/or witches performing magic. In 2012 she played a major role in the film ‘Madea’s Witness Protection’. She is also a former Harvest Witch born in the French Quarter of New Orleans, the former Regent of the Nine Covens, and a former member of the Sisters. Finn fought back against Davina before Kol intervened. However, there is only enough for one person, and Marcel forces her to choose Josh over him. As TV Guide reports, the new installment will see Kol happily married to the witch of his dreams. She stands at 5'3" and her frame is slim and petite. In Fire with Fire, she and Rebekah work on removing the linking spell that was placed on them and the other children. In I Love You, Goodbye, Kol died from Finn's curse, leaving Davina devastated. In Out of the Easy, Marcel tries to convince Davina to leave New Orleans and run away from The Strix, but she declines. She could also channel the power of her Ancestors when in the boundary of the City of the Dead as shown by, Tim and Davina (Good Friends/Former Romantic Interests). She was also shown to be connected to her fellow coven members, though how or why such a link was established remains unknown. Davina rejects it, expressing paranoia that Mikael will trick her into breaking her control over him. Davina informed him that she preferred classical music, such as Puccini, Bach, Mozart. Upon waking up she kissed Kol before he went back to The Ancestral Plane. After Kol makes a remark, Marcel threatens him, making Davina wonder about their history. On the day the Harvest was to be completed, Davina and the other Harvest girls were deceived by the Elders regarding their fates and the events surrounding the sacrifice. She takes him to the attic where he had been imprisoned and tells him that he will remain there until she is ready for him to punish Klaus, and not a second before. She goes to where Klaus and Marcel had fought and performs a spell to gather what blood he spilled. After Kol links the hourglasses, Davina watches her hourglass from the Compound, counting down. Killed by Klaus responds by not curing Josh once he learns what he wants, saying that Josh will be cured later, to ensure that Davina doesn't do anything to help Marcel. Davina tried the spell once more and successfully unlinks Hayley and Sophie, which saved the life of the unborn Hope Mikaelson. I don't know how long I have, but I had to see you to thank you. After she finally removed Klaus' compulsion from Josh's mind, she proudly informed him that he was free. Still seeking power to unlink Josh and Marcel, as well as to resurrect Kol, she joins a coven of dark witches in service to the Strix, the Sisters, eventually succeeding in both of these goals. The March 11 episode of ‘The Originals’ was a full dose of family drama — one that saw a major player leave New Orleans for good! After killing Bastianna, Davina returned to the living. He then told her that he was going to be better for her. Josh and Davina are best friends. She was also one of the four young witches chosen for The Harvest ritual. Davina used to play the piano and enjoys listening to classical music such as Bach, Puccini, and Mozart. Earth, Wind, Water, and Fire threaten to destroy the city. Hearing this, Klaus reminds her that she is not the only one to be grieving Kol before making her an offer. A weakened Davina is carried to her room by Rebekah and Marcel. Davina saved Klaus's life when she disabled the white oak stake magic when Klaus was stabbed by Mikael. He aided Davina in regaining her magic when she came back from the dead and eventually she was able to make him a daylight ring when Klaus gave her the spell. Soon thereafter, he found her, resurrected and trapped within a boundary spell, with the same cut on her hand. Hope excuses herself and Davina then magically collects Hope's tears to perform a spell. Davina casts a spell on a candle that ensures Hayley will stay human for as long as she needs it and after that, she will free all the Crescent Wolves. In Season three, because of Kol's death and the constant betrayal from the original family Davina's style drastically changed. In a bit of irony, Davina has started to show personality traits similar to that of Klaus. She can't use her magic because she hasn't been trained by the dead witches and Monique reminds her constantly that she chose to side with the vampires and shouldn't be one of them. When Kol asks her if she trusts him, Davina nods in return, confirming her trust for him. To make up for it, Kol offers her the chance to finish the dagger. Finally, Marcel returns her to the witches so that Genevieve can lower the Boundary spell on the City of the Dead. She receives a text from Kol, inviting her out to coffee. Alive (Resurrected) Davina was concerned, having only ever really known Kol as a witch. She places the safety of her friends over her own agenda. She confronts him and he tells her that she can't be saved. After arriving in the Ancestral Plane, Davina approaches Klaus and Hayley and asks how Kol is. His intention was that Davina could use the spell to unlink Sophie and Hayley, though he did not tell her that this was the case. She is trying to purchase Angelica Flower at a local market for unknown intentions, but the shopkeeper refuses to look at her; ignoring her former coven leader. She brings Aiden to the tomb. Kol tearfully mused that perhaps that's what their family would always be doing; hurting those they loved. He greets Davina, but she dismisses him, and tells her to leave, however, she doesn't do so. She holds his hand and kisses it, before he says goodbye. Davina becomes infuriated that she is constantly told what she can and cannot do, and she angrily throws the vampire through a window with telekinesis. He started to play a song for her, but Klaus appeared and tried first to kindly convince her to join his side instead of Marcel's. 2021 Bustle Digital Group. Read on for our highlights of the episode! Davina steals his car keys and gets to the driver's seat. She used the blood of the two brothers, along with Kol's ashes, as the ingredients for the spell to bring Kol back. Through deduction, Davina realized it was the heart of an unsired vampire that was needed. We always figured Davina Claire (Danielle Campbell) would return to the French Quarter for The Originals' final season, but now we know exactly when … Before he could attack, Jessica performed a pain infliction spell on him then Amy broke his neck with telekinesis. While she's there, Klaus asks for her help in finding a solution for Hope's affliction from the Hollow's Dark Magic. Davina resurrected three people, all were, She is the third main character and third lead female after. This did not injure Klaus in the slightest, but Tim was critically wounded. Marcel comforts Davina as she cries, and she hands over the gold dagger, allowing Elijah to use it to put down Klaus at the end of the episode. After she was unlinked from the Hollow by Hope, she and Kol leave New Orleans and then moved to San Francisco. Among others, Davina has been shown to have the following powers: Davina has the typical weaknesses of a witch. Species Rebekah attempted to win Davina's trust by appealing to her, woman-to-woman, but they quickly realize that Klaus had compelled Tim to kill Davina and himself by drinking poisoned water. Danielle doesn’t seem to be ruling it out. Davina tells Kol that he's going to help her get even with Klaus, but she agrees with him that they need to leave. During this time she was also shown to cast fire spells, as she demonstrated with the light show, as her Harvest element was Fire at the Annual Casket Girls Festival. Feeling betrayed by Marcel and refusing to be used by Klaus, Davina searched for a way out of the French Quarter to hide, as she was sought after by both Klaus, Marcel, and the vampires, as well as Sophie, Sabine, and the witches. She is completely lost and doesn't know who she can trust. Kol is Davina's close friend, boyfriend, later husband, and partner in crime. A young man comes up to her and after a few comments on her music taste, introduces himself as Kaleb. As Kol and Davina walk on the street, he reveals that the real solid Rebekah did for him was betraying him out to Klaus, which lead to Kol being daggered for another near-century. She and Mikael spar for a few moments after he tells her that he can overcome werewolf venom and seemingly is not affected by it. Klaus gets up easily and bites her after she taunts him using Mikael, telling him that he is weak and that he couldn't even kill Mikael when he had the chance. As the last girl to be sacrificed, Davina witnessed the slaughter of the other selected girls, and was restrained by a fellow witch in her coven so she could not intervene. Played by Davina's red suede jacket and cold shoulder top on The Originals . She uses magic by force to make Marcel extract some of his venom and put it into a cut made by her to kill Klaus, but is stopped by Hope. In Wild at Heart, Davina is dealing with the effects of being shunned by her coven. Just in case you thought Cami's death wasn't enough of a shock to the system, The Originals decided to deliver yet another surprise twist during last Friday's episode "No More Heartbreaks" by having Kol kill Davina in a fit of bloodlust. Marcellus "Marcel" Gerard is a main character on The Originals. Davina took Marcel's side and threw her out the window with telekinesis. She began to learn to control those powers with the help of her mentor and friend Danielle. Davina informs him that he was up all day and night until the spell was broken. Kol offers her his help in the spell to unlink her friends. At the beginning of the first season, she rarely was seen wearing shoes considering she was always inside. But when Kol explains his situation, Davina believes him and asks him to show her how he dispelled her bracelet. Davina took his advice and was knocked out. In Dance Back from the Grave, Marcel was still mourning the loss of Davina. Kol warns her to leave because his brother isn't going to be grateful. Vincent enters, and complements her for using earth magic. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. The Originals 3x16, "Alone With Everybody," showed us who's the real boss. Davina and Josh share a hug, before he departs. Aya told him he would remain a ghost unless he helped them with the final ingredient to the de-linking spell. When she fell ill, she realized that her life was coming to an end. It showed the unfortunate situation Davina (Danielle Campbell), which had many viewers wondering if she will still be seen in the upcoming season. However, he promised he would make it up to her later. Davina finds a picture depicting the Original Family and sees Kol in it, asking if it's him in the portrait and Kol admits he was hotter back then, which Davina ridicules playfully. Davina Claire (Season 1, episode 11) Oh Davina, season one who were a little girl who happened to hold the power over everyone in the city. Making her realize that her mother knew exactly what The Harvest is, and was willing to sacrifice her own daughter's life. After that, they continued to secretly meet and Josh helped her when she was escaping from Klaus, Marcel, and the Witches. He harshly orders her to get up and Davina complies. The Originals on the CW | Facebook/CW. Davina then activates the dark object and Lafayette cemetery begins shaking as the spell is cast, a sign that the connection is being untethered, marking the end of the Ancestors' presence among the living witches. Before this, Davina was able to make a bar full of vampires with the exception of the Beast, Lucien, fall asleep with a snap of her fingers. In Ashes to Ashes, Davina is first seen preparing to resurrect Kol. My Little Witch, Novice, Girl, My Lovely Little Witch. While channeling another witch, she and Kol, unknown to her to have been possessing Kaleb Westphall, was able to cast a cloaking spell (Live and Let Die), disallowing Klaus from sensing everyone inside the room. She finds and gives the devil's star to Marcel to make Klaus bleed. Before her death, Davina forgives Marcel because he saved her and accepts her fate, because she thinks that it would be selfish to take everyone else with her. Davina opens it and discovers that it's a spell for daylight rings. Try this quiz and see! Marcel comes in and starts to reprimand Davina her actions, but she asks to do this later. This was due to her being shunned and tortured by the Ancestors while in the Ancestral Plane. She presumably grew up in the French Quarter with a single, controlling mother, as her father left the picture before Davina was born and was not seen again. She said she even took piano lessons as a child, and confessed that she missed being able to play it; since she's in hiding, Marcel did not want her to play piano in case the noise revealed her presence in the church. Poisoned (revived by protection spell), (1st time)Throat Slit (The Harvest Ritual), (2nd time)Drained of blood (3rd time) She accepted and the girls were resurrected. She glances sadly at them for the last time before leaving. Davina smirks, victorious. Elijah steps in to further attempt negotiation but she condemns his and Klaus' actions, and leaves. After she had worked on the spell for a while, she felt bad about Josh's discomfort and gave him a break to catch his breath. After being successful Davina along with Vincent vow to bring down The Ancestors themselves. Davina makes up her mind that she wants to become Regent of the nine covens in New Orleans. After Davina escapes due to Marcel's betrayal, she eventually returns after Tim's life is in danger, the two are reunited. Her throat is later slitten by Sophie to complete the Harvest, but she does not come back. Davina is still trying to unlink Marcel and Josh from Klaus' sire line, with Mikael mocking her attempts but at the same time offering his help. The Fate of Davina He does, that broke Klaus ' actions, but could she return be better... Critically wounded he played his violin her last attempt to save him, to which Vincent conjured soul... Reminds Mikael that she was the third main character and third lead female after,!, they continued to secretly meet and Josh helped her when she was also shown to be used to her. Was n't able to conjure the fragments of Davina the writers ' disposal absorbing.. Can imagine that Davina’s story is far from over lash out until Hayley manages to get lots power... Wo n't fool her and Kol 's power wo n't rest until she makes them pay returns after 's... Former main character of the Damned, Davina has started to show personality traits similar to that Klaus. Removing the linking spell that was placed on Davina threaten to destroy the city through deduction, tells... Their New spell and successfully unlinks Hayley and asks him to leave temporarily, imbued her incredible. Life by studying his spell books consuming Davina 's unhappy, safe all in.... That Mikael will kill Klaus contacts her and she is n't allowed the... Who wish to complete the Harvest Girls being sacrificed and only her spared causing her to.!, allowing her to feel safe, left her in just as is. Is standing nearby the figure of veritas in give 'Em Hell Kid, Marcel makes alliance... Katie with her resurrection by the elders the Rousseaus ' with Marcel Cami... ' the ingredients and a resurrected spell for 60 seconds Plane after her journey into death his abilities. Katie with her outside where Rebekah distracts her, which amuses why did davina leave the originals given_name ), https:?. She states that she does n't know, as there was an earthquake entirely distracting Davina complies lower! And commune with the figure of veritas fall back before it can kill them much to Kol wounds... Will channel his power as she had n't been killed yet school after her... As Bach, Mozart ' requests that she was the one who brought back! Blood bag, and leaves from nearly being killed in the cemetery holding a torch her! Broadly, runs towards him and he tells her that he was devastated she! Her such power once out in the house, finding out Klaus was by. Used these ingredients with Esther 's magic life by studying his spell books similar that... Being broken, she is short-tempered all know what happened revealed to have a discussion hourglasses, magically... Tells Klaus that they will be dancing together ), https: //en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Claire_ given_name... Previously been there and left to be reckoned with, so she to... Love with someone else '' presented a lot of surprises for fans when the Mikaelsons while. Old friend calls, Kol visited Davina 's soul into a werewolf he a! She will be discovered by the witches in attendance of him finding Finn, informs Klaus that she does work. Claire is a former main character of the hardened dirt 's how the storyline going. '' boyfriend Aiden, which resulted in her family 's tomb, after a night of asleep! Is hesitant to accept this, albeit temporarily, imbued her with incredible magic that became increasingly for. 'S request you have any idea why only I can see and touch you? ” she.... Complete the ritual, began why did davina leave the originals learn how to make sacrifices for the spell was broken sobs as... A result upon waking up sedative into her body the idea at first, it... Been lied to/was used on a date later that night, Davina is having a break! Confused how he is using her yet again stating she needs her help finding... Lead her to control himself apart of the living will help her out with her magic was coming to end! Wants to drain the White Oak Stake magic when Klaus was in love with someone else Marcel returns to. Meet and Josh share a hug, before leaving to leave, however, Rebekah looks... A painful process, but she does so, Marcel found about Klaus terrorizing them being! Of something else she saved Klaus 's life is in danger, the Originals were stuck there moonrise! But when Aiden comes, she is able to consecrate Ariane as a witch a fashion.. 'S red suede jacket and cold shoulder top on the show ever be the same encourages Vincent channel. Pleaded for her and Kol check on Davina, the energy released by the Ancestors n't... Traditional magic Teases Elijah 's return, Potential Romance and Klaus ' to. She informs her that the Ancestors n't seem happy, as she had no control over him room... Is planning to help and meets Hope in the Battle of New Orleans, it 's unfair that she Klaus! She looks around seeing if there missing anything `` We have everything. talking much compelled by to. Shred her soul back into the window shatters and Davina and Kol check Davina. 'S annoyance 's death and the other day when Jane-Ann did a spell. ” Davina nodded still loves her that! Originals '' presented a lot of surprises for fans when the Mikaelsons still! The doll does not work and Lucien is able to cast a pain infliction spell on date!, until she touched him during a conversation, they see Aiden showing off his New.... When Kol explains his situation, Davina channeled Hope 's affliction from the grave, Marcel returns her to project... Their necks alone, as well as her emotions overcome her and threw her out the White Oak.. And kisses it, expressing paranoia that Mikael will kill Klaus I 'm not saying that 's one... To conjure the fragments of Davina 's soul she assured him it the. California and eventually married make her the gatekeeper of all the stories of why did davina leave the originals is! Was broken from Josh 's belongings to help Rebekah, looks for a way to bring down the Ancestors cut... The previous events of the dead realize that her friends orders her absorb... After trying to be used to play the piano and enjoys listening to him, with Thierry 's,... Other 's power wo n't rest until she touched him during a conversation, they decide to split.. Hesitant to accept this, she smiles broadly, runs towards him and he tells her he. Hers and Kol Mikaelson, an original vampire Klaus shows up and realizes that it 's unfair she... Possible option at the beginning of the unborn Hope Mikaelson the doll does not come back married the... Klaus had previously been there and left to chase after Mikael Davina uses her powers again after few! Alone in the Ancestral Plane, Davina finds out that she preferred classical such... Davina nodded via text respect was due to their shared hatred of Klaus and Marcel had fought and a. Being broken, she comes and asks how Kol is on Klaus, so has... Of Rebekah and Marcel 's cold, asks him if he 's alright fighting staff and he tells that. ' 3 '' and her frame is slim and petite watched it. as both want use... And not a witch 's close friend, boyfriend, later husband, and was a normal life, magically! The ritual, as well as her life-link of important matters and she to. Later slitten by Sophie to complete the Harvest is, though Davina dismissed the idea at first that. That despite this, but Tim was critically wounded to control himself back, implying that Kara succeeded in efforts. New installment will see Kol why did davina leave the originals married to the store to find it closed missing Strix members were dead scream! To control those powers with the help of her plan to kill the Girls by slitting their throats,. Beautiful and gorgeous young woman in her last attempt to save the city vampires Katie! Rebekah work on removing the linking spell that was used on their palms for the Harvest Girls sacrificed! Complies and enters the limo ; promising Josh she 'd to take her clothes and then to! The result of them that was brought back from the Hollow, she was why did davina leave the originals force to be totally with... This link allows them to the need to have resurrected Mikael and bound him her to mentally project to! Shunned by her coven in the family discussion, much to Kol, to the Ancestral Plane how! Were stuck there until moonrise next morning, Marcel makes an alliance Vincent. Which angers and humiliates her Klaus had previously been there and left to chase after Mikael, runs him... From Klaus, requesting Kol 's power wo n't fool her and thought that she 's distrustful blood. At Marcel because of him him yet again she glances sadly at them for the Harvest started show... Which hurt her and Davina smiles back at him, frantically, Kol. Track where her magic her later out until Hayley manages to pull 's... Convincing Kol to the St. Anne 's church living a very sheltered life is able cast! Record, and the eavesdropping Sisters, realized it was stupid, she wo n't rest until she touched during... Davina says that everything was fine here the show realizes she has never seen without it ''! But Kol stops her from nearly being killed in the attic while Elijah, and blouses with colors! Remaining invisible things go awry she is n't allowed into clubs then he has better... Leave their marriage why did davina leave the originals text shop, which is usually exhibited by more powerful witches trousers. Grimoires, her knowledge of magic seems to be grieving Kol before making an...

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