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Easy Mail Merge let all of us And generate email tracking statements (open rates) all for your Outlook mail merge campaigns employing the Google Analytics platform. In such information the average person obviously detail Ways to assist email tracking all for simple Mail Merge campaigns within Outlook, both as real-time email open statements and as hourly / everyday / monthly email tracking stats.

Please recognize that, as each email client is often configured on various security levels, there may be no bullet-proof solution And track ALL your email open rates. In quite a few cases, the email tracking statistics offered by Google Analytics ought to be adequate having a completely clear principle of the your email open rates, regardless don’t demand the numbers as total values.

Basically, the email tracking statements obviously tell all of us just how lots of humans viewed the posts of the your email, to include its images. When your email recipients viewed your email without enabling the email client And demonstrate images, yet the recipients aren’t tracked within your Google Analytics reports.

Preparing for email tracking in Outlook
In order to track emails sent from Outlook, you need:
– Microsoft Outlook for Windows (works with any version newer than Outlook 2007, x32 or x64);
– the Easy Mail Merge add-in for Outlook (download link);
– a Google Analytics account (signup here if you don’t have an account).


Why Tracking Emails using Google Analytics?

Well, any email tracking fix relies by use of inserting several code in one’s outgoing emails. Google domains stand for a trusted web authority, therefore linking one’s email to a Google product or service is unlikely to trigger spam filters. Also, the Google Analytics email tracking means isn’t hostile (it doesn’t bring one to gather real-life data), therefore one’s e-mails are generally additionally certainly not intrusive towards one’s recipients.

Getting Started using A person’s Google Analytics Account

First of all, one need to have a web software (a website – this doesn’t must consist of very same domain because the among one’s email address) defined for one’s Google Analytics visitors account. Next one need to build a Property for it. For you to insert a website account, a property is effortlessly created for it, therefore one don’t need to manually build a property leaving out you want to control one’s email tracking reports separately that come from one’s website stats.

Once you have the software / property defined, one need to go to one’s Google Analytics Admin bill -> select the software -> select the property -> moment by use of “Property Settings”, because in the beneath screenshot:

Email Tracking Analytics

On the “Property Settings” page, you need to copy the “Tracking ID” (for example, UA-38261237-1).

Inserting Your Google Analytics ID to an Easy Mail Merge Campaign

The email tracking feature via Google Analytics is available in Easy Mail Merge for Outlook starting with version 4. Get the latest version from here.

how to insert your Google Tracking ID And an extremely efficient Mail Merge campaign, really begin a innovative section (or edit person anyone before created) that come from The very easy Mail Merge toolbar of the Outlook and also passage going on The “Email Tracking” tab shown going on The very easy Mail Merge Outlook toolbar:
Add email tracking in Outlook

On the Email Tracking window, buyers really must insert one’s Google Property Tracking ID, obtained as complete above. You will be able to in addition decide on to provide a title to the Google stats brought out use tracking e-mail open percentage or You will be able to decide on to implement the e-mail topic of the one’s mail merge campaign (useful inside claim buyers run a number of e-mail campaigns simultaneously):
Insert tracking id

Once everyone click in the acceptable button, very easy Mail Merge will on pilot insert the e-mail tracking code and so, it’ll allow Google Analytics To Be Able To track one’s e-mail open rates. Someone’s reports is going to be obtainable in one’s Google Analytics account. At present all of everyone must accomplish is To Be Able To communicate one’s mail merge campaign, as everyone accomplish includes any additional very easy Mail Merge session.

Viewing Your Email Tracking Reports in Google Analytics

Your email open wages is going to be available both for genuine time stats as well as for hobby reports, within your Google Analytics account.

To view genuine time email open rates, login So You Can your Google Analytics account, choose The related web property, in addition click in The “Real-Time” tab, in addition choose “Events”. These statements show The email open results for they happen, so it only makes sense So You Can monitor these real-time statements only eventually right after any person sent your emails.

Real time email open rates

To viewpoint email tracking statistics for older dates / periods, login To Be Able To one’s Google Analytics account, select the connected online property, yet moment in Behaviour -> Events -> Overview. If you have various misfortunes defined for one’s property, it is possible for you to select the “Email” get together In order To Be Able To viewpoint mainly one’s email open statistics. By default, this email tracking report shall show everyone how many humans opened one’s email the step throughout the furthest a few or many days. I beg of you remember the Google Analytics wants Once To Be Able To aggregate one’s stats, so your email tracking stats won’t contain obtainable for the present day (except for the real-time stats, of the course).
Google email tracking stats

If anyone operate multiple email campaigns, You will be able to examine The email open stats adatta every program within Google Analytics, usage going to Acquisition -> Campaigns -> Every single one of Campaigns. Each and every of the your email campaigns should be shown using his email issue text (or using The personal program name that you may specify within Easy Mail Merge).

Tracking Email Clicks from Outlook Emails

On most of the The up top tracking answer that enables anyone track how large amounts of periods your email was opened, You will be able to additionally choose the same application combo (Google Analytics, Microsoft Outlook, Easy Mail Merge) And track clicks from The e-mails anyone delivered from Outlook.

To allow email step tracking for Outlook / Google Analytics reports, anyone should choose the Google link Builder in order And add Google Analytics parameters And your email links. Those link parameters shall advise Google Analytics The place to find your web page visits, enabling it And record whoever visited your web page(s) usage succeeding back links within your email.

Let’s explain your email includes a backlink And as well as you will And track how large amounts of anyone go to The site from your email link. Every single one of anyone are well advised to perform should be And load The Google link Builder form, also step at The “Generate URL” button. It will create an URL like this one:

Track email click rates

Then buyers need to material the generated URL and so, paste this how to your simple Mail Merge section email, like buyers regularly do includes almost any additional Outlook email links. Should buyers operate various mail merge campaigns, it is possible for you to choose alternative efforts names at the Google URL Builder all for every mail merge session, next it is possible for you to Analyize the reviews of the every efforts and so, choose so as to email information i has the most effective within attracting owners how to your site.

As this functions all for the email open statistics too, it is possible for you to track your email backlink clicks both within real-time and so, since Acquisition statistics within your Google Analytics account. it is possible for you to additionally track the behavior of the the the people the visited your internet site using clicking on your email hyperlinks (you could view so as to what webpages they visited, their navigation movement etc). Following should be a screenshot of the the real-time tracking reports, showing several viewers on the internet site index page, coming from email clicks:

Outlook Email Tracking with Google Analytics

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