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Accepting online surveys for money is a beautiful way to pass the time and hit it big with prize draws and sweepstakes. But many individuals don’t approach them the ideal way, and not all are worth your time.

To assist you to keep informed, we have reviewed and compiled a listing of the very best paid online surveys for earning legit cash online.

How We Rate Paid Surveys
We provide every survey with a score in three distinct regions: customer experience, methods to make, and earning potential.

22 Greatest Paid Surveys Firms in 2020

Out of all of the survey sites that we have examined, the following stood out as this crop’s cream. These all have excellent track records, fantastic earning abilities, and varied offers, which will keep you engaged for weeks.

1. Swagbucks

Swagbucks Review: Is It Legit and Safe to Use? (Codes, Hacks & More)

Swagbucks is among the world’s hottest reward sites. That is appropriate. They are not only a site for taking surveys, but instead, they provide many distinct ways that you make more cash online, including watching movies, with cashback coupons, and much more.

2. InboxDollars

InboxDollars - Apps on Google Play
InboxDollars is an Inc. 5000 firm that has been launched from the year 2000. One difficulty we found was when you draw before hitting the 40 marks, InboxDollars requires a $3 processing fee. It is not much, but it is nevertheless a few dollars you are losing that you just earned.

3. Survey Junkie

Survey Junkie - Apps on Google Play

Research Junkie was set in 2013 and is among the very best survey sites we have reviewed despite being new. Every stage earned is equal to $0.01, and you’re going to make anywhere from 25 to 90 points each poll.

Slightest Online Surveys That Pay Cash Through Paypal
Benefits and sweepstakes are excellent, but sometimes you want money for the hard work. Sound like you? If this is the case, the upcoming websites are some of the most significant internet surveys that pay cash through a Paypal account.

4. Vindale Research

Paid Surveys At Home - Surveys for Cash - Vindale Research

Vindale Research premiered in 2004 and is based in New York. You could even make money rewards by referring friends, joining different panels, and inputting reward codes located on social networking.

5. Pointclub

PointClub Review 2020: Earn $10+/Hour Taking Surveys Online

PointClub is a brand new brand so that they still have loads of spare time to raise and boost its stage and survey chances. You get $5 worth of things only for completing your profile and confirming your account.

A loyalty program rewards busy customers with bonus points based on which grade they achieve. This usually means that the other you utilize PointClub, the more income you’ll create over time.

6. Ipsos i-Say

Ipsos i-Say Review: Is Legit, Safe or a Scam? (2019 updated)

Ipsos is your third-largest research company with over 15,000 workers in 80 distinct nations. They have been helping companies make better choices with the support of individuals just like you. The i-Say system has completed over 70 million polls, giving users like you a voice to affect significant brands.

7. MyPoints

MyPoints Promo Codes (25% Off) — 7 Active Offers | Sept 2020
MyPoints has existed for 22 decades, which makes them among the earliest survey sites. They provide a massive assortment of paid jobs, such as shopping online, viewing movies, and comparing travel prices. This variety will block you from getting bored, in comparison to accepting surveys after polls on other websites. Even if you don’t qualify for a questionnaire, you will be awarded 10 points to your time.s

8. Pinecone Research

Pinecone Research Sign Up Link 2020 & Review

Pinecone Research is possessed by the Nielsen Company and has existed for more than 20 decades. Besides online surveys, Pinecone Research also supplies product testing to receive your invaluable feedback on the products, and providers should function.

9. Opinion Outpost

10,000 Mufungo Outpost International Scholarship 2020

Opinion Outpost іѕ a market research panel whеrе members collect points fоr thеіr opinions іn free online surveys.

10. PrizeRebel

Prize Rebel Login Portal Create Sign Up Account :  Current School News

PrizeRebel asserts to the amount one survey site online. They have paid around $15 million in the seven years they’ve been available. With more than 8 million active customers, they’re also among the most trustworthy paid survey websites.

11. EarningStation

earning station bonus codes

EarningStation was set in 2011, which makes it a baby in comparison with several other survey websites. However, their broad choice of jobs, offers, referral programs, and exclusive coupon codes has enabled them to earn a title themselves.

Reputable Paid Survey Websites
If it comes to spending your spare time taking polls, being dependable is vital. The following websites provide on this over and above, offering paid surveys, rewards, affordable payout thresholds, and an around fantastic client experience.

12. OneOpinion

OneOpinion Review: A Legit Survey Site? (October 2020 )

OneOpinion is conducted by Crucial Mix, which boasts an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau. It’s possible to bank things by taking surveys and product testing — among the unique activities, we have seen up to now. They allow several accounts from one family, meaning your entire family can get in on the fun.

Opinion Outpost enables users to answer inquiries on lots of electronic equipment, medication, advertisements, and politics. Being at the survey business for more than ten decades, Opinion Outpost boasts a reputation for trusted surveys, fantastic customer support, and a number of the most generous incentives on the market.

13. Harris Poll Online

Harris Poll Online Review: Scam or Legit? - SurveysSay

Harris Poll Online has been working for the last 45 decades, paying users to partake in polls. Some of your answers might even make into national news outlets, which will be just another incentive. Surveys require from 5 to 25 minutes to complete, and you may expect to get 3 to 5 a week.

14. VIP Voice

Is VIP Voice A Scam? - Worth Your Time? - Internet Scams Report

VIP Voice runs over 12 million polls each year, and you’re able to get into the activity to create a little additional money online. They cover subjects including electronic equipment, health, fashion, and much more — allowing everybody to chime in. They’re an extremely trusted survey website, with more than 3 million active users.

15. LifePoints

Lifepoints 2020 Review - Read Before You Try
LifePoints was started in 1946 as Nation Family Remarks and later obtained by Lightspeed Research. LifePoints partners with over 1500 businesses in 70 unique nations. As of 2019, they feature a total of 5.5 million active registered customers throughout the world.

16. MySurvey

Mysurvey Review : Participate in Surveys and Earn Free Cash Daily
As one of the earliest survey websites online, MySurvey needed a head start and skilled unmatched growth. In 2012, users compensated $15 million bucks, and three decades after, MySurvey paid over 50 million dollars to its surveyors.

17. Survey Club

Survey Club

Survey Club premiered in 2005, in Colorado, and is known as a pioneer in the business. It now boasts more than 16 million registered users across six continents. The idea behind the setup was to supply companies with all the market study they had while providing the public an opportunity to receive additional cash.

18. Cashback Research

Is Cashback Research Legit or Just Another Scam? - ToughNickel - Money

Launched in 2007 at Myrtle Beach, Carolina by Tamara and Michael Hetzer, Cashback Research now boasts 1.5 million associates Throughout the World.

Other Sites to Think about
All these websites are excellent alternatives for matching with other survey websites but are not as influential on their own. If уоu аrе thinking аbоut registering fоr оnе, make sure it is not your main poll website.

19. Tellwut

Tellwut Hits 100,000 Unique Voters And Counting With Over 10,000 Online  Surveys

Tellwut is among the more recognized paid survey websites globally, having been launched eight decades back in 2010. It’s a female-owned organization, and it’s found in Toronto, Canada. Just like the majority of online survey websites, Tellwut provides you with a portal to plenty of commercial polls taken for advertising strategies.

20. OpinionSquare

OpinionSquare Review: Are They Really That Legit? (2019)

OpinionSquare is an online market research firm that helps different companies understand how customers feel about their services and products. They do so working with internet reviewers on your own, that are paid to discuss their opinions.

OpinionSquare has more than 2 million members, making it”the biggest continuous consumer panel of its type.” The panel’s dimensions will not have much of an impact on you personally, other than to inform you this is only one of those popular paid survey websites.

21. Toluna

Toluna Sets the New Standard for 'Real-Time Research'

Toluna is a survey website that intends to assist both customers and businesses. It functions as a market study platform for companies where they can set their polls for folks to fill. It іѕ a quick аnd affordable method tо execute detailed market research and earn valuable customer insight.

22. YouGov

Voting Intention: Con 31%, Lab 22%, Lib Dem 21%, Brex 14% (5-6 Aug) | YouGov

YouGov is a website that gives awards and survey points that may be redeemed. Businesses hire YouGov to place their polls and survey up for a few quick and effortless market research.

Members earn points by finishing these online surveys while supplying the industry research required. Utilizing this information, they help businesses make informed decisions based on actionable insights.

FAQ’s about taking surveys for cash
How do paid online surveys work?
Paid online polls operate by letting you complete surveys and jobs in exchange for things. These activities may include watching movies, answering online surveys, downloading mobile games, or even comparing travel bargains. You may then swap them for an assortment of rewards, such as money, gift cards, and bodily prizes such as televisions.

Bear in mind that each stage is somewhat different. Accruing points could be faster on a single website, however slower on another. At the same time, they will have unique benefits you may not discover on the opposite.

How much do online surveys cover?
The typically paid poll may net you anywhere from $0.25 to $5 or even more. If you can complete some surveys that cover this much daily, you might be earning up to a couple of hundred dollars per month.

Do online surveys pay money?
Yes, several internet polls pay money. Typically, once you are banking enough points, you can draw your cash points through a PayPal account or bank wire on a few platforms.

How else can you earn money by taking polls?
There are lots of ways to make money on the internet by taking surveys. Some websites provide awards such as Amazon gift cards, which is practically like money. In virtually no time, you will be shopping at your favorite shops, for example, Amazon, Target, Starbucks, and many others.

Swagbucks is a good illustration of a questionnaire firm which also features charity gifts. Rather than redeeming your points for a reward, then you can contribute it to a charity of choice.

Are there any legitimate paid online surveys?
Most paid survey websites are legit and not a scam. They’re typically market research firms whose company is getting opinions for their customer’s services and products.

But, there are several red flags you want to be aware of to avoid getting scammed.

Reviews of survey sites that are great but not Fantastic
These upcoming websites are not ones we would recommend beginning with but can be used to supplement a number of your other poll taking.

Click on some of these to view our entire review.

Strategies for earning extra money online taking paid surveys
Do not be like the vast majority of survey website users, randomly logging, cluttered, and limiting their potential. Instead, we would like you to optimize how much you make while reducing how long you spent. Here is the way to maximize your free time by taking paid online surveys.

Time to get some money online taking surveys!
If you have read this manual from beginning to finish, by now, you ought to be a magician at taking paid surveys. It is possible to produce a sensible amount of money rewards and cool decorations from such platforms when you’ve done it correctly.

Most of all, be patient! As soon as you get that deposit or gift card, then you’re going to be amazingly motivated to keep this going for quite a while. If you follow what is laid out, you will quickly be earning extra cash online for taking paid surveys at home!

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