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Spin -Rewriter -Review
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Spin Rewriter Review: ENL Article Spinner Software

It’s been some time since I last utilized articles spinner for online advertising purpose, and this’s since I would once have auto blogs that have content, and for these autoblogs to possess special content articles, I resorted to working with an article spinner, therefore, the produced content articles for my auto blogs are different. But that was actually in the past as well as in order to let you know the truth, I did not have the success that is much in it so I stopped that endeavor. Anyhow, these days I started to be interested once more in an article spinner program, but this moment not for auto blogs, but be utilized for SEO strategies as link building to enhance my yahoo ranking, since I discovered just today when I checked my Google search system that 1 of my sites is already ranking in google for a few commercial keywords and might require a little push to set it to very first site from the online search engine results, so just several days before, I tried looking for an article spinner software I then bumped into Spin Rewriter, then as always, curiosity got into me so I experimented with the article spinner software.

What’s Spin Rewriter

So What’s Spin Rewriter? Spin Rewriter is an online article spinning a program created by Alex Sustar, it’s some kind of a paraphrasing tool uniquely created for content marketing to stay away from plagiarism and at exactly the same time, avoid being punished by the Google search engine algorithm for identical content. If you’ve absolutely no notion about content spinning, it’s a method largely used in search engine marketing wherein you submit a special version of a relevant written content on article directories, sites, and a number of other sources of backlinks. Content spinning doesn’t stop there, some site writers also use this particular strategy to create a very unique content out of individual videos for their sites just like what I did before on my autoblogs. Additionally, posts which were placed into articles spinners are changed into spintax form, and also a good example of which is below:

{Hi!|Hello!|Good morning!} {How are you?|Are you ok?}

This will likely produce numerous variants of words & phrases such as:

Hi! How do you think you’re?
Hello! Are you ok?
Good morning! Just how are you?
Why Spin Rewriter?

I’ve in fact tried a number of article spinner before like The most effective Spinner as well as Magic Article Rewriter and Word AI, though what made me use Spin Rewriter is it is cloud-based, that implies you do not need to use it on the PC of yours and you are able to access it anywhere so long as you have a connection to the internet, and also it is a great deal less expensive compared to Word AI. Also, Spin Rewriter is able to be incorporated in the SEO application that I’ll be going within the projects of mine.

Apart from those, one factor that caught the attention of mine that made me do this write-up spinner is their ENL or perhaps emulated natural language, that tends to make the rewritten content more clear when it comes to grammar, but why don’t we discuss which later as I’d love to explain to you start to the internal look of Spin Rewriter and walk you through on how you can make use of it

Spin Rewriter Inside Look

Below is the look of the primary dashboard of Spin Rewriter, there are many things which we are able to do from here, but the main goal of ours in this assessment is usually to try out the information spinning function of Spin Rewriter what exactly we have to accomplish is usually to choose “Rewrite Your Articles” from the options

Rewriting the Articles

Clicking the Rewrite your Articles solution is going to bring you with the main rewriting page. Here you’ve actually two choices to rewrite your articles:

Rewrite One Article
Rewrite Multiple Articles

With this review, I am going to show just show you the way to rewrite one article, but do not care because Spin Rewriter is not hard to use plus have a number of tutorials that you are able to follow so that you won’t ever get lost. So why don’t we start!

Obtain a Seed Article

In case you currently have an article, simply copy and paste it with the content field (as found below)

If you have no seed article yet, Spin Rewriter provides you 10 bonus articles from Big Content Search which has a huge list of PLR articles that you can use with this article rewriter, and to use that, just click the “Fetch a New Article” link at the top left corner of the article box

A pop up is going to appear after you click that hyperlink, and below you are able to get into a keyword with the seed article that you would like to fetch. In this particular illustration, the keyword which I used is WordPress suggestions, and when you are happy with that, simply click the Fetch Articles button.

Notice that I’ve 509 articles that are free staying from Big Content Search rather than just ten. I believe this’s since I additionally bought the Gold Version, that is an improvement of Spin Rewriter. It is really meant to be 510 but I’ve actually used one while testing this software some time ago.

After it is done looking for articles, it is going to provide you the listing of posts regarding the keyword of yours. In the case of mine, Big Content Search was capable to supply me these content articles, and there are in fact a great deal more but I just cropped the result.

From the provided checklist, I selected Article #15 with the name What’s Blogging and its Benefits. In order to fetch the post, simply click Fetch this post to take the content to the post box.

You will now see that the article in the article box

Since we currently have an article, the other thing that I’ll be showing you is how you can rewrite the content while using the ultimate setting that I make use of that’s offering me probably the best result. In the event that you would like to know the options of mine, simply read along.

Spin Rewriter Ultimate Spin Setting

Spin Rewriter has a 3 Step Setting and I am going to guide you on just how I set it in place for optimum uniqueness

STEP one SETTINGS Step 1.1: Enable Paragraph and Sentence Level Spinning Option

you are able to enable this particular feature by toggling the switch to “YES” (see picture below for details). This’s really switched on by default so you really do not have anything to change, however, if not, alter it to “YES”

Step 1.2: Change the whole structure of sentences and phrases and rewrite complete sentences

You are able to accomplish this by checking out the checkbox beside “I would like Spin Rewriter to immediately change the whole structure of sentences.” and phrases (see image below)

Step 1.3: Select “Recommended” Setting

You are able to establish the environment to “Recommended” by clicking the “Settings” link, consequently toggling the amount of “How Adventurous Actually Are You Feeling?” to “only make use of ideas that you feel are correct (recommended)”

You are able to also set here some key phrases that you do not wish to change by putting in them with the “Protected Keywords” (see picture below)

Step 1.4: Enable “Multi-Level Nested Spinning”

You can see this from the settings area as well (refer to the image below)

After you finish the Step one settings, simply click on the beginning of the Rewriting Process to go on to Step two.


In Step two there are two elements that I do here:

First is to establish The number of Synonyms for Phrases? and words to risk that is low

Second would be to verify find synonyms for individual words inside spun phrases also (multi-level nested spinning) (See picture below)

After the arrangement is completed, the next step to perform is clicking “Start the One-Click Rewrite Process!” to start the rewriting process

After it is finished, the spintax edition has become seen on the post box, and also as per the uniqueness statistics, you will find vast amounts of potential versions which could be created from this spun article

Next, simply click “Continue to Final Step” for Step three


This’s the final phase as well as what I do here’s check out the “I would like Spin Rewriter to work with just synonyms and absolutely no first words when possible”. This will make certain the generated articles will just use the synonyms recommended by Spin Rewriter

Lastly, you are able to now attempt to make a model of the spun post by clicking the “Generate a distinctive Version” button

Below is the result of my article spinning. I was able to create a version with a uniqueness of 98% from the original version with a high level of readability.

Original Article

Spun Article using Spin Rewriter (not checked in Copyscape)

You are able to still locate a few grammar blunders in the paraphrased post, but its just small and the resulting article continues to be extremely readable and the uniqueness is pretty high, although I wasn’t in the position to check out the post rephrase inside a plagiarism checker as Copyscape, though based from the outcome, I think it may be used well for tier two and tier three link building campaigns

What I love about Spin Rewriter

  • This’s really one of the reasons I subscribed to this information spinner as I would like to do anything on the cloud. What is good about a cloud software program is you do not need to put in anything on the personal computer of yours and you are able to access it anywhere so long as you have a web connection


This’s one more plus because Spin Rewriter may be incorporated to some SEO Tools thru it is API. I currently make use of RankCipher, and most I have to accomplish is produce my exclusive API key and get into it to RankCipher to allow it’s content material spinning feature. Apart from RankCipher, the following are other SEO tools that could be incorporated into Spin Rewriter:


Ultimate Demon
and A lot more (check out their site to get into more)

Spin Rewriter possesses a partnership with Big Content Search, and together with your membership to Spin Rewriter, you receive ten credits to Big Content Search you are able to employ to have a seed post for spinning,


You are able to see from the outcome of the spun article that it’s indeed extremely legible, although it is not that perfectly clear and it’d still call for a few minor edits, although not necessarily the greatest article spinner around but I believe the quality of the spun articles would by now suffice for all the items in my Tier two and Tier three link building campaigns

What I do not Like about Spin Rewriter

My preferred license will often be the lifetime license but it is now valued at $497 that is truly a little steep


It’d be best to use a content spinner in which the effect is able to be worn in your main blogs and so in case I am lazy to write a page, I will simply grab some articles somewhere next simply spin it utilizing my articles spinner, but for me personally, the processed articles by Spin Rewriter continues to be not acceptable to be published on major blogs, however, you will be able to try it in case you would like but be sure to examine it meticulously & fix some grammatical errors.

Wrapping Up

I suppose that wraps up the review of mine, and in case you wish to try it out, simply click on the button below. Spin Rewriter has currently three price points? the monthly that is valued at forty-nine dollars, the annual which is valued at $197, as well as the lifetime license that is valued at $497

You are able to really purchase the yearly license for only 77$ a year with a five day totally free trial by clicking the hyperlink on the unique offer

Then you will be redirected to this special offer page with the reduced annual payment and the 5 day trial period

The vendor also offers a 30-day guarantee aside from the five-day free trial so in case you believe the program hasn’t met the standards of yours, just request for your money back also you they are going to give a refund with no questions asked.

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