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Long-Tail -Keywords
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You will get supporters for both sides of the issue. Some people are sure that short-tail keywords are better for SEO rankings while others take the opposing side and say that long-tail keywords are the best.

Which ones are best in your eyes, depends on you and your preferences. Strong cases can be made for both sides of the argument but in the end, long-tail keywords may be better than short-tail ones.

What Are Short Tail And Long Tail Keywords

To avoid beating around the bush, we will get right to the point. Short tail keywords are phrases that contain 3 or fewer words. Some times these keywords may be quite broad or general in their applications.

why are long tail keywords better than short keywords

Some examples of short-tail keywords are pet, car, planes, and so on. Or you can say ‘pet feeders’, ‘plane engines’, and so on. You are not being very specific when you use short-tail keywords.

On the other hand, long-tail keywords are longer than 3 words and can get very specific. You can get a lot of detailed information in a long-tail keyword. For example, ‘heart-shaped sapphire diamond ring’, or ‘large, automatic pet feeders’, and so on.

why are long tail keywords better than short keywords

Those details narrow the search to removing a lot of extraneous results that would show up normally in a short tail keyword search.

Reasons Why Long Tail Keywords Are Better


Short tail keywords do have their advantages but the advantages of using a long tail counterpart may help boost you up in the rankings. Here are some of the reasons why long-tail keywords are better than their shorter relatives

#1. Less Competition

Not many people are using long-tail keywords in their articles and advertisements. That means you have less competition and your words can get noticed faster than shorter keywords.

traffic details

The bigger corporations are also avoiding using long-tail keywords so you are not up against large budgets and powerful competitors.

#2. They Are Easier To Rank

Part of the reasoning for that result is that there are fewer people using long-tail keywords. This lack of competition allows search engines to rank your website a lot easier. Plus, seeing the relevancy to your website content is not as hard to do.

why are long tail keywords better than short keywords

The downside is that long-tail keywords do not create the volume of searches that short tail keywords do. But that is easily overcome if you use the right long-tail keywords. Just keep to a regular posting schedule and your long-tail keyword use should pay off in the long run.

#3. Buyer Intent Is Revealed

By that, we mean that a generic search for cars, as an example, will provide a myriad of results for the person making the search. They may get worldwide web pages to look at and those could be numbering in the millions as there are a lot of websites using the keyword ‘cars’.


A long-tail keyword, for example, Buick Skylarks for sale in Seattle, the search results will be a lot lower and a lot closer to home. The long-tail keyword reveals that the person making the search wants to buy a Buick Skylark in the Seattle area.

#4. Long Tail Keywords Support Short Tail Ones

The two are not in competition with each other. Instead, they complement each other and work together to help boost traffic to your website. The short tail keywords you use should get a boost in the rankings when you add in some long-tail ones to help.


Also, the long-tail keywords help provide that relevant, supportive factor that search engines are looking for.

#5. The Cost Factor

While short-tail keywords generate volume and possibly traffic, you may end up paying more for their use over time. Long-tail keywords are not as expensive as short-tail ones and should be more cost-effective.

computer with money

When you use short-tail keywords, you have to keep in mind that a lot of other people are using them as well. Demand always influences prices up, not down. So if you are on a budget, you may want to consider using more long-tail keywords so you do not blow that budget and spend too much money.

#6. Conversion Rates Matter

This is an important factor when using short-tail keywords. Their conversion rate is very low. You may get, let’s say 50,000 hits, 5,000 clicks but only 5 decisions to buy. Your short tail conversion rate is very poor in this case.

downward graph

Even though those 5 purchases per day, week, or month are enough for you, you are losing out on a lot of potential customers and revenue. Long-tail conversion rates may not produce a high volume of searches or hits. Nor may they produce a lot of clicks but when searchers do click on your website the conversion rate is a lot higher and more encouraging.

#7. You Get The Customers You Want


When you use long-tail keywords, chances are that the people clicking on your website are looking for the specific item you listed in the long tail keyword. In other words, the people coming to you want those specific items you are selling and are motivated to buy.

Some Final Words

While the world may focus on short-tailed keywords, long-tailed ones provide a key ingredient to your website business. They are better than short-tail keywords because they help those little words produce search results.

why are long tail keywords better than short keywords

They also bring those customers looking for specific items to buy and that translates into a higher conversion rate. That also brings more revenue to your online business. Long-tail keywords cannot be ignored because they have a lower volume search result.

They are just too vital for your business. Plus with their ability to rank better, you could go up in the rankings a lot faster.

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