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When you are looking for WordPress hosting companies there are several factors you should follow to help guide you in your search:

  1. Speed
  2. Security
  3. Support
  4. SEO friendly

All of these factors are important when you are trying to get ranked high on Google and other search engines. Our list may not match up with yours but that is okay. If you are satisfied with your company then that is best for you and your needs.

The Top 11 WordPress Hosting Companies For 2020

#1. DreamHost

top 11 wordpress hosting companies for 2020

This web hosting company boasts of 100% uptime along with DreamPress, which works with heavy traffic WordPress blogs. The company also lets you use any WordPress theme or plugin.

Its only drawback is that you have to buy a hosting package for every website you own. A 97-day money-back guarantee helps make it number 1.

#2. Wealthy Affiliate

top 11 wordpress hosting companies fo

Not only do they have the best affiliate marketing platform, but this company also allows you to host 2 websites for free. Their page loading speed is around 1.3 seconds and they also use a mirror system to make sure any downtime is covered and you do not lose any visibility.

The company also works hard to protect you from hackers and spammers. Their security is very good.

#3. Bluehost

top 11 wordpress hosting companies fo

Unlimited is the key watchword with this company. They offer unlimited bandwidth, storage, and domains. Their web hosting plans also work well with Linux operating systems which is a plus since Linux is gaining in popularity.

On top of those features, Blue Host also brags that they can provide you with 99.9% uptime and a lot of support. They re also one of the cheaper WordPress hosting companies out there.

#4. HostGator

top 11 wordpress hosting companies fo

This company also offers you 99.9% uptime as well as everything Blue Host offer – unlimited bandwidth, etc. That makes it a very attractive WordPress hosting company to go with.

Plus, it offers e-mail, phone calls, and live chat support to make sure your issues are met and solved. They also provide up to 29 GB automatic backup system to protect your data,

#5. A2 Hosting

top 11 wordpress hosting companies fo

Not to be outdone, this company works hard to make your WordPress experience top-notch. It provides free and easy site migration, free automatic site backups, speed optimized WordPress, and 99.9% uptime.

In addition to those qualities this company also offers top support with 3 WordPress options to choose from. Each option comes with a variety of benefits including a free SSL certificate.

#6. WP Engine

When it comes to quality WordPress hosting you may want to check this company out. Its speed is second to none, and you have unlimited data transfer. With a variety of packages to choose from you can find one that will fit your budget.

Also, their security system tests all WordPress updates before releasing them to you. And they provide excellent hacker protection and so on.

#7. Liquid Web


If you want no overage fees, no traffic limits, and no metered page views this is the company to check out. You get approx. 5 TB of data transfers each month as well as a host of other benefits that make your WordPress experience great.

This company tries to think of everything you need and then enlarge it so you do not run out of storage space.

#8. Kinsta


If you do not want to leave the security that Google supplies then you might want to look at this WordPress hosting company. It uses Google Cloud to power it. Then its solid infrastructure provides you with a top speed.

Plus, you have state of the art technology working with you to help keep you visible and protected. They also troubleshoot WordPress features for you.

#9. Site Ground

site ground

When you join this WordPress hosting site, you can start with one domain that is allowed 10 GB of storage and 10,000 visitors a month. Plus, you can upgrade to 30 GB of storage and 100,000 visitors a month allowance.

That is not all, their support team has the specific tools you need to handle WordPress issues. The company guarantees a minimal to no wait time for support.

#10. Green Geeks

green geeks

If you like being environmentally friendly then you may want to sign up with this company. It dedicated its purpose to restoring 3 times the energy it uses from the grid.  Their servers and other technical equipment provide top-notch service as well.

You get one-click WP installation, free migration and other benefits when you sign up to use this WordPress hosting company.

#11. Rose Hosting

rose hosting

Its 99.99 percent uptime is hard to beat. Then with top load speeds, your website should move fast for your visitors. You also get access to solid-state servers. The company provides a lot of monitoring to make sure your website is not slowed.

A variety of plans gives you lots of choices to meet your budget and get top service at the same time.

Some Final Words

WordPress web hosting is a very competitive business. You are going to be offered a lot just to get your business. That is why doing a little research is important. Finding the top WordPress web hosting companies to work with means a lot to your Internet business and your rankings.

These 11 top companies have your interests in mind. They provide all the requirements listed above and more. They have the tools to make sure your WordPress experience is smooth and flawless.

They also have the right plans for you and your company. You can find one that fits your budget and get you the top speeds available with ease. All you have to do is compare their offerings with other companies.

Just be careful though, those web hosting companies owned by Endurance International Group. Their reputation is that when they buy out a web hosting company their service and products, etc., go downhill.

But you be the judge of that.

Thank you for reading.

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